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Voice Over studio Melbourne

Voice Overs can make a huge impact on how people perceive a film or advertising campaign. We have a dedicated voice over booth and are very experienced in getting the right performance out of the VO talent. We always make sure that we have several different takes for options and that the script is followed correctly.
If you want to record or monitor the voice over session remotely, we have the market leading Source Connect software so that clients can oversee or direct a session and give feedback in real-time. So if your creative director or film director is in another country, they can direct the session from their laptop from anywhere in the world with near zero latency with ease.

Beat Tank Voice Over reel
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Voice Over Services

Live Show Recording

Find the talent

We have many great voice over artists on our database to so can find just the right sound for your project

Recording Studio

Record the VO

Our dedicated vocal booth and state of the art studio equipment will give you great results

Editing & Post Production

Edit and mix

We deliver the files edited, mixed and sounding fantatstic!


Remote Record

We use Source Connect to connect to any other studio or agency in the world

We have the bes mics from Neumann on hand
Beat Tank Voice Over Studio Melbourne

                                                          Why Choose Beat Tank for your Voice Over Project?

Beat Studios is a great voice over studio in Melbourne for a number of reasons. Firstly, the studio is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment, ensuring that the audio recordings produced are of the highest quality. This means that clients can expect crisp, clear and professional recordings that are suitable for a wide range of projects, including commercials, animation, video games and more.

Another reason why Beat Tank Studio is a great voice over studio is that they have a team of experienced and talented voice actors who are able to deliver a wide range of performances. Whether you need a voice that is warm and friendly, or one that is authoritative and commanding, the team at Beat Tank Studio can deliver. This means that clients can trust that their project will be in good hands, and that the final product will be of a high standard.

In addition to the above, Beat Tank Studio also offers a range of post-production services, such as editing and mixing, which means that clients can have their recordings fully polished and ready for use. This makes the whole process of recording a voice over much more convenient for clients, as they don't have to worry about finding additional professionals to work on the recordings.

Overall, Beat Tank Studio is a great voice over studio in Melbourne due to its high-quality equipment, experienced voice actors, and range of post-production services. Whether you are working on a commercial, animation or video game, the team at Beat Tank Studio can help you achieve the perfect voice over recording.

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Our Melbourne Voice Over Studio
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