Audiobook production Melbourne 

- Recording session with producer at world class recording studio
- editing of the audiobook to ACX specifications
-  sound design where needed to enhance the story

-  mixing and mastering of the recording  to ACX specs
- music for intro / outro or chapters (original or royalty free)
- professional proofreader / listener  included

At Beat Tank we can provide a very comfortable environment for you to come in and record your audiobook and make it sound very professional. We can also edit and master it for release to the strict Audible ACX specifications and help you with the upload process if you need.
Call us today and discuss the options for getting your next audiobook ready to share with the world. We can either charge you per hour or we can organise a package price for you.
We are  a recording studio in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs but can offer editing, mixing and mastering remotely if you have recorded the audiobook at home or in another studio.
How Much Does It Cost?
At Beat Tank we are a world class recording studio so the equipment you record through and the acoustically treated room make sure your audiobook will sound amazing!  Please remember this when comparing our pricing next to other audiobook studios as many of these are just podcast studios with very basic gear.
Feel free to cal us for a chat about pricing - we can either charge by a finished hour of  audiobook or by the hour - it's up to you.

0413 151 680
Audiobook production studio Melbourne
Audiobook producer and engineer Ben Hense running a session