Frequently asked questions about recording studios

How much do recording studios cost? Well the answer to that is very varied depending on the size, experience, list of gear and the producer you’ll be working with. Some of the larger recording studios in Melbourne charge $200 to $300 per hour. They have large mixing and live rooms and need at least two engineers to operate. They have a huge range of equipment including expensive microphones and Neve Consoles. On the cheap end is around $50 per hour for some home studios. These have a simple gear setup and not much space. Beat Tank likes to think we are right in the middle in terms of gear and space.  We have 20 years of experience under our belts and know how to use the gear we have very well. We have enough room to track a full band and best of all; we are one of the cheapest recording studios in Melbourne at just $80 per hour plus GST which is why we are one of the best recording studios in Melbourne.

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How much does the average recording studio charge?

How do I get the most out of a recording session ?

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How much does it cost to record an album or demo?

Have you ever wondered how much it will cost to record a demo or a whole album in a professional recording studio? Well this is a very interesting question as it can vary greatly depending on a few factors.

The first is how many live instruments you will be recording. If you are a 10 piece funk band then it is going to cost you a lot more to record than a trap artist who has written all his beats on a laptop at home. Every live instrument you record there is a process of the live recording, the editing of all the parts and them mixing it with all the other sounds at mix time. For a hip hop artist who has all his beats written at home, there may be some extra production to be recorded on top to add some flavours on top, but generally if the artisit is happy with the beats, all the effort will go into the vocal production.

Next is the size of the recording studio you go to. Large studios have expensive gear and sometimes need 2 x engineers to run. If you have a big budget and want the best result, it may be tempting to go to a large format studio. Just remember that along with the high price tag, comes pressure to perform as every minute the clock ticks away your money is burning! Many smaller studios like Beat Tank have a great selection of the best gear and enough space to record live drums and instruments but without the price tag. You get 1 x person who is an engineer and record producer mixed into one and the cost can be much much less....

So if you want a rough calculation for cost it would go like this

LARGE STUDIO with full band $3000 per song completed

SMALL STUDIO with full band $1000 per song completed

LARGE STUDIO with Single Artist  $2000 per song completed

SMALL STUDIO with full band $600 per song completed

Now these are based on each song so if you want the cost for an EP, times it by 4-5 and for a full album, times it by 10-12.