If you are looking for the best audio post production studios Melbourne with services for dialogue editing, sound design, music composition, sound restoration and foley then Beat Tank is your audio post studio. Post production work flows mean most film projects are due yesterday. We deliver the sound mix on time and with meticulous accuracy. If you are in film studios Melbourne or advertising company or make corporate films, we can mix your sound.
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Audio Post Production

If you are looking for a audio post productions studio in Melbourne,  Beat Tank has over 20 years of experience in shaping sound for film, television, corporate films, radio and online content. We can take any project small or large and deliver it on time and to any delivery specification. We love working on a mix for a small corporate film just as much as working on sound design for a feature film.  If you have a post production project of any kind that needs the audio sweetened, mixed or restored then Beat Tank can provide you with a one stop audio post production studio here in Melbourne. We are setup with Source Connect remote recording software so you can run a mix, voice over, or ADR session held in our studio in Melbourne, from anywhere in the world.

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Foley and Sound Design Melbourne

We have a huge range of sounds we work with to bring your project alive.

Audio restoration dialoge noise.jpeg

We are the masters at fixing noisy dialogue that is otherwise unuseable

ADR for film studio Melbourne


We can rerecord the dialogue for your film and match it vision with perfection

Dialogue editing and Sound mixing

Having clean dialogue and a great balance with the music can make a huge difference to a film. It doesn't matter if it's a corporate film or a feature, it needs to sound clear and compelling. We specialise in editing dialogue and completing the final mix for broadcast, film and web.

If you have some badly recorded dialogue that is going to ruin your scene, we can help restore the dialogue and remove background sounds. We use many sophisticated programs that can fix damaged audio and save the day.

Our studio is 5.1 surround capable and we can mix to any deliverable format required. 

Check out some of the short films, corporate films and TVC's we have edited and mixed below.

Films, TV shows & TVC's we worked on

Dialogue / Sound editing