Audio Post Production

Mixing, sound restoration, sound design, foley, composition and voice over.

If you are looking for an Audio Post Production studio in Melbourne to mix, edit, master, record voice over, record ADR or Foley, get some sound design or music composed for your next advertising campaign, TVC or corporate film then look no further - Beat Tank is your recording studio. We have years of experience in making your audio sound expensive and cleaning up any badly recorded sound. We can mix and master your film to any loudness specification and can do full surround sound Dolby 5.1 mixes as well.

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At Beat Tank we can help with feature films, audio post, film television, sound design and post production. Post production is a very important part of the process of any film or television series as it makes the listener sink into the show. At Beat Tank Melbourne, we take audio post production very seriously - mixing, voice overs, foley, sound design and ADR. We love to mix post sound and design sound scapes for films and television shows. We can write you a sound track that takes your advertising campaign to the next level. Call us today for a free quote - whether it's a short corporate film or a whole TV series, we can take care of your audio and deliver to spec and on time.
Audio Post Production can be delivered in many loudness specifications and in many formats. We can mix to all of them weather it be stereo TV mic, 5.1 Dolby surround or LTRT -24.0 LUFS.
For more examples of audio post production that we have mixed, check out our youtube page here.