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Melbourne Sound Designer - Ben Hense at Beat Tank recording studios Melbourne

Sound Design and Foley

The hidden sounds that make a big difference.

Sound design can give your film it's own identity by creating a sound set that connects to the emotions of the viewer. At Beat Tank we can custom design a range of sounds to make your film or TVC stand out and have the impact to make it sound amazing. Let us record the foley and design the sound so you can sit back and enjoy your film and let it reach it's full potential. We can also mix the audio post production in our studio in Melbourne and master it in surround sound.

Image by Sam Moqadam

Sound Design for film and TV

We can transform you television ad or film with  sound design that will transform the vision. 

Large Theatre

Sound Design for Theatre

Need sound design and original composition for a stage show? We have you covered!



 Let us create an immersive audio experience for you with foley and sound design.

Sound Design for film and Television

Sound Design for film and Television is the art of creating sounds that bring the pictures alive. We can design a sound set and bring your film to life with the use of sound effects and foley. We are based in Melbourne, Australia but we can give you sound design services anywhere in the world - simply send us your film or TVC and we will send back the sound design elements in no time.

Foley for Film

Foley is the art of recreating the sounds in film that look like they should naturally be there. However we replace them with highly enhanced and focused versions so that the film scene is transformed. Foley Artist, Ben Hense has worked on feature and short films from all over the world and records all the foley in his studio in Melbourne. Call us for your next foley project today.

Promised - Foley by Ben Hense @ Beat Tank