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Should I record at home or in a studio?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

So you've got a pretty decent home recording studio setup and your songs are starting to sound pretty good. You may be wondering if it's worth the money to take the songs to re record at a professional recording studio or ject polish them off at your home studio. Well there are a few things to consider here before you make your decision.

The Advantages Of Recording At Home

The first advantage of recording at home is the obvious one - the cost. You can do it in your own time and at your own pace. There is no pressure to perform and you have the potential to fine tune your songs as time is no issue. Check out our blog article on mixing on headphones. Also tips on setting up your own home recording studio.

The Disadvantages of Recording at Home

The problem with recording at home is that you have no outside perspective to possibly take your songs in a better direction and also use some high quality recording gear to do it. You also have a untreated room and noises of people around you everywhere. You are also limited by your gear and don't have the possibility of being inspired by a nice guitar or synth that you don't own.

Should you record your album at home or take it to a professional studio?
Home recording studio

The Advantages Of Recording At A Professional Studio

The main advantages of recording at a professional recording studio is that you have an outside pair of ears to listen to your music and give you another opinion on the sounds you are using and the direction of the songs, It can be really useful to get someone else to critically listen to your songs and make some decisions or suggestions that will end up making the songs much better. You don't need to take the advice and use it, sometimes it's just good to hear another perspective. Most studios will have a music producer available for you that will be able to develop your songs and take them places you never thought they could go. Check out our blog article on how much a recording studio will cost you in Melbourne.

Then there is the gear. Any decent recording studio will have lots of tasty instruments for you to use as well as a great signal path for every instrument or voice you record. At our recording studio in Melbourne, we have 10 analog synths, 15 guitar and basses, 25 mics, an upright piano, a fender rhodes and lot's of software synths for the clients to use. I've been in many recording sessions where a classic analog synth has saved the day when inspiration is needed.

Beat Tank Recording Studio in Melbourne has lot's of gear for the clients to use
Beat Tank Recording Studio in Melbourne

Disadvantages Of Recording At A Professional Recording Studio

The first problem with recording at a professional studio is the pressure of paying up to $200 an hour for studio time. That means that every minute you spend inefficiently there is costing you an arm and a leg! Many artists can't perform under this pressure and will waste the time. However if you find a reasonably priced studio like Beat Tank, you get all of the advantages of a big studio with the advantage of only paying half the cost.


At the end of the day it comes down to budget. But if you are serious about your music then you should consider at least trying one song at a professional studio that has a music producer available for you to see where your songs can go. At least that way you know that you have given it a go and know that you have tried it.

If you have any questions about the recording process or recording studios please feel free to email us with questions here .

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