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Recording, Mixing, Audio Post Production, Composition and more...

Beat Tank offers all the Recording Studio services you will ever need — from recording and mixing, to mastering and artist development. Come by and check out the studio and have a chat about your next project - we love talking about music.

Recording Studio Melbourne - Beat Tank Productions

Beat Tank Productions

Recording Studio Melbourne

Elevate Your Audio

Beat Tank is a recording studio and Audio Post Production facility just out of Melbourne, Australia founded in 2007. We live and breath audio and have spent years perfecting the art of recording and mixing audio. If you are looking to work with passionate people who can make your vision a reality, there is no better place than Beat Tank Studio. Contact us today to talk about your next audio project.

Create and capture your next sounds with experienced professionals and the latest recording gear at Beat Tank. We can turn you rough idea or demo into a masterpiece ready for release. Weather it's a single, EP or Album - we can help you record, mix and master your songs. Contact us to set up a time for you to swing by our studio and see if you feel the vibe.

We love talking about music!

Vocal recording studio in Melbourne - Beat Tank Studio Melbourne

48 Kirwana Grove, Montmorency, Victoria 3094, Australia

0413 151 680

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Voice over studio Melbourne
Sound designer Melbourne - foley Melbourne - Audio Post Production

Sound design can give your film it's own identity by creating a sound set that connects to the emotions of the viewer. At Beat Tank we can custom design a range of sounds to make your film or TVC stand out and have the impact to make it sound amazing. Let us record the foley and design the sound so you can sit back and enjoy your film and let it reach it's full potential. We can also mix the audio post production in our studio in Melbourne and master it in surround sound.

Behind Our Studio Doors

If you’re looking for a professional Recording Studio in Melbourne to help with your recording needs, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the vision you have in mind, we’re committed to bringing it to life with superior quality and service. From the initial ideas to the final product, our team provides guidance and support throughout the entire recording process. We’ll work closely to understand what you want, and provide our variety of top quality recording equipment, instruments, and studio space for you to use. Stop by for a visit and start your next recording project today.

If you are looking to get your next film, TVC or corporate video mixed in post production, we can mix your audio to any delivery loudness specification and make it sound amazing. We also can take care of all the problem audio that needs cleaning with a range of audio restoration tools. 

If you need music composed for your TVC or film, Ben will create a piece of music based on your reference for a reasonable price and in the time frame you need.

We also make jingles and compositions that are original compositions made to sound similar to a commercial released song or popular genre.

If you are an artist that wants to record trap, hip hop, rap, R&B, funk, acoustic, EDM, country, electronic, rock or soundtrack music in Melbourne, come to Beat Tank and let us turn your ideas in to a great sounding master ready for release that will sound as good as the music you aspire to sound like.

For Audio Post Production services we cover voice over, ADR, foley, sound design, sound restoration and mixing services.

Call us for our competitive rates today and you will find we are one of the cheapest / beat rates for a recording studio in Melbourne.

We service the eastern suburbs of Melbourne including Eltham, Rosanna, Ringwood, Heidelberg, Lower Plenty, Briar Hill, Bundoora, Ivanhoe, Clifton Hill, Kew, Doncaster, Hurstbridge, Diamond Creek, Plenty, Richmond, Hawthorn, Box Hill, Warranwood, Warrandyte,  Viewbank, Mitchem and Templestowe.