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How to get the most out of a recording session - Beat Tank Melbourne

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

What do I need to do before booking a recording session at Beat Tank Recording Studio Melbourne, to make sure my recording sounds great?

So you have your song written and you think it’s good enough to put it down professionally at a recording studio. That’s awesome but there are a few things to keep in mind before you making the booking to ensure you get the best result once it’s mixed and mastered.

1/ Make sure you have gone over the song and made sure the form is right. Does the song flow, does it keep you captivated and does the chorus really pop. Play the song to a few friends and get some feedback. Remember that constructive feedback is good for the outcome of the song so don’t get offended. IF you have never been in a recording studio before, you will soon realise that if you get better prepared at home, it can save you lot’s of money in the end.

2/ Practice your ass off! Remember that once you are recording in the studio, the microphones don’t lie. Although at Beat Tank we have lots of techniques to make you sound amazing, the performance is something we can’t really tweak too much. The better you know your song, the more relaxed you will be and the more confident the performance will be.

3/ Make sure the song is in the right key for your voice. Unless you’re a hip hop artist, you will want to make sure that your voice is in its sweet spot at the important parts of the song. Is your voice straining to get to the high parts or is the verse so low that your tone is really weird? If you come into the chorus and your voice goes up to the right key so it’s right in the sweet spot, the song will lift to another level.

4/ Get your instruments sounding great. If you play an instrument and intend to use it for the recording session, then make sure it’s sounding it’s absolute best for the day of recording. Although at Beat Tank Recording Studio Melbourne we have heaps of amazing instruments for you to use, sometimes your own instrument will work the best as you are used to playing it. If you play guitar, change the strings and get it serviced at a guitar shop. If you play drums, change the skins and tune them well.

5/ Be ready for the day of recording. Don’t go to the pub the night before or go to a live gig where you have to shout, as your vibe and performance won’t be at it’s best. Bring some food and your favourite beverage in case the need to eat or drink hits you right before a take.

If you do all these things then you can be assured that all you have to do is enjoy yourself and let us take care of all the technical thing.

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