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Voice Over Recording Studio Melbourne

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The key to a good Voice Over recording is a clean detailed mic, a dead space and a great voice over artist. When we record voice overs, we make sure we get the delivery of several emotions from every line so that when it comes to mix time we have everything covered.

For a 30 second TV commercial, most of the time is spent getting a good sound with the microphone. once this is achieved, the script must be delivered is as many different emotions as possible to make sure the client is happy. With corporate videos, the bigger picture needs to be considered as a voice talking in the same tone and emotion for 7 minutes can be extremely boring.

If you need any Voice Over studio in Melbourne, email ben@beattankproductions or visit We are based in Melbourne but can do jobs for you anywhere in the world with a fast turn around guaranteed.

dog in voice over session

Voice over recording artist Bernie.

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