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Why is the live music scene in Melbourne the best in Australia?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

So you have just finished recording your new album in one of the best recording studios in Melbourne, and now it's time to go on tour to promote the album. There are a few reasons why you might only want to tour in Melbourne right?

When you are comparing the live music scene between the states of Australia, you need to take quite a few things into consideration. It's not only the size and impressiveness of the venue you are at, it's really the ability for the local in that city to see good quality live music on a regular basis. Where many of Melbourne's local pubs have dedicated stage somewhere in the venue, other states have pokie rooms taking up all the real estate along with strict sound curfew.

It's even been studied and proven!

As a musician who did a lot of touring around Australia when I was younger, I really got to see the difference first hand. In Melbourne there were so many venues where you could put on a gig or who were willing to give you a gig. When we were touring interstate, most of the venues were not even set up properly for live bands and we had to stop playing by a certain time due to curfew. The bigger gigs / festival gigs were ok but I kind of feel that it's the smaller gigs that give a city the vibe of a great live music city. It's the ability to make an unplanned, last minute run to a pup to see a great band with 150 other punters on a regular basis that makes Melbourne such a great live music city.

Here is a list of the great venues in Melbourne.

This has to be one of my favorite venues in Melbourne due to the fact it is such a beautiful venue. It's high ceilings and amazing lighting in the foyer make it a really special experience. The sound is always good here and they don't over-sell the shows so you can always get a drink or go to the toilet without too much trouble.

Although not the biggest venue, the Corner in Richmond certainly has enough vibe to make up for its lack in size. It's loyal fans never worry about jamming in with hundreds of other punters to see their favourite bands on a regular basis. Sound is always killer and it is super easy to get to.

The Northcote Social Club has not only hosted some of the biggest acts in the world, (The Pixies and Lady Gaga) but also has great lesser known bands almost every night of the week. This makes it one of the staples of the live music scene diet here in Melbourne. The sound system there is amazing. So although the room is not very big, the sound is always massive!

Once known as Billboards, 170 Russell has made a name for itself as a great punk rock venue over the years. More recently it has had some large electronic acts as well and being right in melbourne's CBD, it's super easy for all Melbourne people to get to.

The Espy or Hotel Esplanade as it's now called, has seem more crowded, sweaty gigs than most of the other live venues in Melbourne put together. Set on the beautiful St Kilda waterfront, it has both a front stage and a back band room that is larger. Some of the worlds best brands have braved it's stages over the years that has seen the venue change it's face several times. Luckily it hasn't lost it's heart and still has an amazing vibe to go and see live music.

Another great St Kilda music icon is the Prince Bandroom. Looking right down the main street of St Kilda across to the beach, the Prince has ben the home to some massive international acts over the years for hip hip, indy and electronic music. The sound is always great and it's never too crowded.

So that's what makes Melbourne the king in live music in Australia. It's the number of quality venues that put on live music every night of the week all year round that makes Melbourne have the vibe it does. Sydney on the other hand is either a massive concert, or a pokie pub with the rugby on.... Nothing in between

Melbourne rules - peace out.

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