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Remote ADR Sessions : How Remote Recording Technology is Changing Film

Updated: Apr 19

Recently in the studios of Beat Tank in Melbourne, we had some ADR sessions that were really fun with Travis Fimmel and Essie Davis. Both of these session invoice a live feed of audio and the vision to studios across the world. This means that in the busy lives of today's leading actors and actresses, they can complete vital audio post production for their films from anywhere in the world they might be.

It's no secret that the film and television industry is changing. With the advent of streaming services like Netflix and Stan, production companies are now able to produce high-quality content at a fraction of the cost. This has led to a surge in demand for quality post-production services, and Audio Post Production studio Beat Tank is leading the charge. Recently, we had some very exciting ADR sessions with Australian actors Travis Fimmel and Essie Davis for some new shows. These were sessions where the director and sound director were in completely different country's, directing the talent in our studio over a secure, zero latency connection online. It was an amazing experience, and it's clear that streaming technology is changing film and television for the better. We can't wait to see what the future holds.

Travis Fimmel may be best known for his starring role in the hit television show Vikings, but this Australian actor has been captivating audiences for years. After getting his start modeling for Calvin Klein, Fimmel made the transition to acting with roles in films like The Beast and Warcraft. However, it was his turn as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings that really put him on the map. Fimmel's performance as the fierce Viking warrior won him a loyal following, and he quickly became one of the most popular actors on television. Thanks to his compelling work on Vikings, Travis Fimmel has cemented his place as one of Hollywood's top talents. He still lives in the quiet country town of Echuca some of the time, when not making movies overseas.

The ADR session we did with Travis was for a new western show he has finished shooting.

ADR, or additional dialogue recording, is often seen as a necessary evil by actors. It's not uncommon for actors to grumble about having to go into the studio long after filming has wrapped in order to redub their lines. However, there are actually several good reasons why ADR is needed. First of all, it can be used to fix errors in the audio recording that were made on set. Secondly, it allows the filmmakers to make changes to the dialogue, whether it's to clarify a plot point or add a joke. And finally, ADR can be used to replace lines that were recorded in a different language and then dubbed over in post-production.

The technical side of the sessions we did with Essie and Travis were quite complicated. The talent is set up in our live room watching a screen of the scenes from the film. The director or sound director are in another country and have a direct feed to the studio where I share the film shots with them and the audio from the live room so they can hear and see exactly how the tales are going. It has to be zero latency so all the people involved are watching and hearing everything in perfect sync.

It was a please having both Esssie and Travis in the studio and we can't wait until the new shows they were recording the ADR for come out!

At Beat Tank Studio, we understand that the key to great audio post production is all in the details. We take pride in our work, and that's why we go above and beyond to make sure that every project is finished to the highest possible standard. We specialise in dialogue editing, mixing, sound design, ADR and composition, and we always put the needs of our clients first. We know that the devil is in the details, and that's why we pay close attention to every single element of each project. If you're looking for a studio that can help you to achieve perfection, then look no further than Beat Tank Studio.

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